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Retirement Planning

Avidity Wealth Management will help advise individuals to both achieve the highest potential pension fund for their retirement and help take the benefits in the most tax-efficient manner.
We work with clients to create a detailed plan, which illustrates what is required in terms of pension and investment assets in order to generate future desired income levels. Our ongoing service proposition means that we will have an an annual review in order to see if your progress towards your overall objectives is on track, and if your financial plan continues to meet your circumstances.

In light of the changes to pension legislation in 2015, the changes in lifetime and annual allowances and the increased rate of life expectancy, retirement planning is now an essential area of financial planning going forward.
Personal Pensions
Group Schemes
Cash Flow Modelling/Retirement Planning

Investment Advice

Avidity Wealth Management will tailor a plan that meets your needs and objectives, advising on the right investment product and proposition for you. There are many different investment products and strategies that may benefit different kinds of investors, and it is our job to create a bespoke plan to suit you.
The world of investments is complex, and the current tax regime makes it very hard to implement and maintain a robust investment portfolio. Here at Avidity we will work with you to design and implement an investment portfolio that is suited to your attitude towards investment risk, and your overall objectives for that particular investment. EIS & VCT investments are for existing clients or experienced investors only.
Stocks and shares ISAs
Enterprise Investment Schemes
Onshore and Offshore Bonds
Unit Trusts/Investment Accounts
Business Relief and Trusts
Venture Capital Trusts


Avidity Wealth Management will analyse your circumstances and needs and identify your protection needs. We will then work to find the most tax efficient and individually suited protection policy that will work for your needs.
Acceptance for cover will depend on your personal circumstances and a health questionnaire or medical examination may be required.
Whole of Life
Critical Illness
Group Schemes
Term Assurance
Income Protection
Relevant Life
Long Term Care
Shareholder Protection

Tax Planning

Whether its capital gains, income, dividend or inheritance tax, doing some forward planning, with a qualified adviser, gives you the best possibility of retaining your hard earnt money.
One thing is for sure with all forms of tax; if you do nothing the government will use its considerable powers to make sure a share of your hard earned wealth ends up with them. Inheritance& Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
Annual Allowance & Lifetime Allowance
Inheritance Tax
Capital Gains
Income & Dividend Tax

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